The Ripple Effect Program

Congratulations to our Latest Recipient

Aquatic Informatics is pleased to award the latest Ripple Effect grant to the Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (EPCAMR).

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What is it?

Ripple Effect is a donation program that provides complimentary access to water data management software and professional services for communities and organizations that are unable to realize the full potential of their water data. The program is committed to ensuring healthy water systems and sustainable water use through water quality and flow monitoring projects.


Recipients receive Aquarius software to manage, analyze, and report on water resources by connecting with existing sensors, aggregating data, and enabling users with powerful tools to correct and analyze the information.


In addition to equipping organizations with the right tools for the job, our team also provides support and professional services to ensure recipients get up and running quickly and are set up for success.


At the heart of this program, it’s all about collaboration. We partner with recipient organizations to help them achieve their goals and ultimately strengthen their relationships with the communities they serve.

Fall 2020 Awardee

Upper Fraser Fisheries Conservation Alliance

Aquatic Informatics was pleased to award the Fall 2020 Ripple Effect grant to the Upper Fisheries Conservation Alliance (UFFCA). The software and services donation will enable UFFCA to build in-house capabilities for data quality management and reporting using the Aquarius platform.

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This donation from Aquatic Informatics will help the UFFCA and partnered Upper Fraser First Nations to achieve full independence in becoming custodians of our own data and improving our ability to share valuable timely information with all our stakeholders so that we can efficiently protect our watershed and sustain healthy salmon stocks.

 – Gord Sterritt, UFFCA Executive Director

Why we do it

Our mission is to protect life with timely water information. We embody our mission in the work we do and the solutions we provide to protect and positively impact communities.

The team behind Ripple Effect consists of internal volunteers driven to ensure the sustainability of water resources and ensure clean, long-lasting drinking water for everyone, regardless of budget or resources. In doing so, we hope to bridge those gaps in an effort to make a meaningful impact on the communities served by Ripple Effect.

Application Process

Applications are due by

Monday, May 31 at 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

All applications must be submitted electronically to

Fall 2020 Ripple Effect timeline

How to Apply


Organization must conduct work in area(s) relevant to the aforementioned theme.

Preference will be given to those applicants who make their data publicly available.

Organization must be willing to share its work through a case study, trade publication, or webinar developed in conjunction with AQI’s Marketing Team within six months of project go-live.

Must be a non-profit organization. Some examples include:

In the US, must be a 501(c)(3) organization or in partnership with a 501(c)(3) organization.

In Canada, must be a registered charity or non-profit organization

In Australia, must be a not-for-profit organization

Application Process

Official cover page and complete instructions available via form below. Applications should contain no more than five (5) pages of text, written in English, including any figures or tables (but not including the application cover page or non-profit letter). Out of respect for our environment, we require that proposals be submitted electronically to by the deadline.

The application must include the following information, at a minimum:

Application cover page.

Statement of the purpose, mission, or charter of the group.

Copy of official non-profit organization status.

Scope of work and project’s impact, goals, and clearly-defined objectives, including items such as:

The anticipated socio-economic importance of the work to Indigenous communities.

Brief description of the type of monitoring and analysis to be conducted.

Identification of other groups to be worked with on the project (if applicable).

Plan for disseminating results of work and recommended protection/restoration action to the appropriate stakeholders.

Proposed schedule and budget (including reporting of any major funding sources).

Other than the page limit, there are no requirements for formatting of the application.

Responsibilities of the Awardee

A photo from the awardee along with a brief quote on how the donation has benefited the organization or its stakeholders is appreciated for use by AI for purposes of highlighting projects we have supported through our program.

Create a final project report describing the goals of the project, the activities undertaken to achieve goals and objectives, difficulties encountered, work products, and project impacts. The final project report is to be completed within one (1) year after the award.

Recipients agree to be featured in news articles about their projects, written and submitted to the media by AI.

Recipients agree to work with AI to publish their work and present their work at conferences, in trade publications, peer-reviewed journals, publicly available agency/institution reports, or grey literature.

Recipients agree to provide AI with a copy of any final publication(s) resulting from this award.

Our latest call for applications is now closed.

Judging is now underway—the winning recipient will be announced soon!