Leadership Team

Aquatic Informatics is led by a fiercely dedicated team of the top minds in the environmental monitoring industry.

Founder & President
Edward Quilty

Ed founded Aquatic Informatics in 2003 with the goal to protect life through the better management of our planet’s most precious resource, water. He has worked in the water industry for over 25 years, initially as a river ecologist and then since 2003 as a business leader and entrepreneur. Ed is also an independent Director for a number of software companies and not-for-profits.

Chief Technology Officer
Eric Dorgelo

Eric Joined Aquatic Informatics in 2013 to scale the product development organization and lead the development of the next generation of products, including software as a service solutions. He has over 30 years of experience developing innovative technology, building world-class software organizations and products that have generated over $500M in revenue.

Vice President, Finance
James Griffiths

James is the VP, Finance at Aquatic Informatics, and he has been a key player in helping to drive accelerated growth after the amalgamation of Aquatic Informatics with WaterTrax and Linko Technology in 2017. James began his career in sales and then obtained his CPA with KPMG in 1992. He then spent 5 years in Eastern Europe and Asia with Pepsi Cola in a market development and finance role.

Vice President, Sales & Marketing
James Reyes

James heads up the global sales, marketing, and customer success teams. A seasoned growth executive with a track record for building high-performance teams and strategic client relationships, James played a key role while at The Active Network, driving the company’s growth from $30M to $300M as well as launching a successful IPO on the New York Stock Exchange in 2011.

Chief Science Officer
Touraj Farahmand

Touraj joined Aquatic Informatics at its founding in 2003 and led all aspects of research and development of the first generation of AQUARIUS. Touraj has been a key contributor in Aquatics high innovation, including numerous patents. Touraj has contributed to the successful national deployment of AQUARIUS with the world’s largest environmental monitoring agencies.

Vice President, Customer Success
AJ Leitch

AJ has over 20 years of experience in software engineering and team leadership. She joined Aquatics in 2010 as a Project Manager, leading seminal projects such as the US Geological Survey and Water Survey Canada national water information management system replacements. Prior to Aquatics, AJ worked for 11 years at Kodak and Creo in the roles of Software Developer and Team Leads.

Vice President, Technology
Vickitt Lau

As VP Technology, Vickitt covers product development, product management, and cloud solution hosting. Vickitt spent seven years at the Alberta Research Council applying AI and advanced computing solutions to solve a broad range of industrial resource and scheduling problems. Vickitt has been involved in bringing a logistics optimization software company through the stages of incubation, startup, growth, and acquisition.

Director, Program Management
Randy Romero

Randy joined Aquatic Informatics in 2018 as Director of Program Management and is responsible for organizing the daily operations of the company and ensuring that the leadership team is executing on its strategic plan. He oversees and delivers on key corporate projects and initiatives and looks to optimize company processes in order to facilitate growth and long-term success.

Director, Human Resources
Sarah McKee

Sarah has worked in the technology sector for the past 18 years. She joined Aquatic Informatics in 2008, bringing a passion for HR and extensive experience in the private sector (cleantech, medical device, alternate energy, and engineering) as well as the public sector (healthcare, post-secondary education, and municipal government). Sarah holds a B.A. in Recreation Administration and a post-graduate Diploma of Technology in Human Resources Management from BCIT. She is an active member of the HR Technology Group in Vancouver.

Director, Product Management
Tim Finegan

Tim has worked his entire career in the water industry. Before joining Aquatic Informatics in 2017, he worked as market segment director at Xylem Inc. At Aquatic Informatics he previously served as solutions architect, leveraging his Engineering degree to design hosted data management solutions. He currently oversees product management across the growing portfolio of Aquatic Informatics products.

Product Manager Australia
Chris Misson

Chris has been involved in the architecture and delivery of commercial software solutions for the water and environmental industries for more than 25 years. He was formerly Solutions Manager for Greenspan Technology, Product Development Manager for Hydstra, and Principal Consultant for Hydro Tasmania. Chris has international experience in the delivery and commissioning of software and strong expertise with time series data handling, including data acquisition, management, analysis, reporting, and modelling.