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We take pride in delivering the best customer service and highest level of support in the industry. Your 100% satisfaction is our promise.

Aquatic Informatics Support

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Flexible Support

Access support by phone, e-mail, interactive web meetings, or through the online AQUARIUS 360° Support Portal. You can decide what support you need, when you need it, and how you want it.

360° Portal

Access the Community

Get unlimited, on-demand access to the AQUARIUS 360° Support Portal. This online knowledge base hosts the latest software updates, a searchable solutions database, training videos, and more.

Support Team

Email & Telephone

Gain access to an integrated team of professional service analysts, training experts, support specialists, and an account manager – all dedicated to ensuring that you are successful with AQUARIUS.

“I take great pride in helping water resource technicians and managers make important decisions that affect the health of our environment.”

Marcus Bell, Training & Customer Support Specialist


“It’s great to learn how people use our software to solve water management problems worldwide. I love helping users find new ways to use AQUARIUS.”

Grant Gilron, Training Manager

AQUARIUS Welcome Package

New customers receive a welcome package by email from a helpful customer support specialist, with all the information needed to get up and running as fast as possible. The email includes your credentials for online access to the AQUARIUS 360° Support Portal, your license key and serial numbers, and easy-to-follow download and installation instructions.

Rapid Installation

Book a one-on-one webinar session for personalized support – our team will work directly with you to ensure that your installation is 100% successful.

Software Upgrades

Get regular software updates and enhancements. You will be notified with our newsletter, so that you can take immediate advantage of the latest innovations.

AQUARIUS Training & Trends

Aquatic Informatics offers comprehensive training services through multiple channels to ensure 100% adoption of AQUARIUS within your organization. After installation, our friendly support team is available to discuss a training plan that meets the needs of all your users.

Participate in “AQUARIUS Insider.” This is a great way to stay current with new features, best practices, and industry trends and to offer suggestions for future releases of AQUARIUS.

Online Training Videos

Training videos are available on the AQUARIUS 360° Support Portal. At your leisure, you can access introductory videos to get started quickly or watch advanced topics to enhance your skills.

Additional Training & Custom Integration

We can’t wait to help you reach your potential. Our AQUARIUS Support Specialists are available for interactive, web-based, or in person training. Book these as you need them by contacting your account representative.

Contact support

tf: 1.877.870.AQUA (2782)
p: +1.604.873.AQUA (2782)

During office hours

Get unlimited email & telephone support
(7:30am to 5:00pm PST)

Outside of business hours

Submit cases & requests online using the support portal or via e-mail