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February 28: How to Solve 5 Common Discrete Water Sampling Challenges

Having trouble dealing with excel files scattered across different network folders? Struggling to validate your insitu water sensors with discrete lab results? Are you burdened with many environmental reporting processes? Join Dave Gilbey, Water Quality Analyst, on February 28 for a discussion on 5 common data challenges and how to solve them. Register today!

On-Demand Webinars

Protecting Endangered Species with Continuous Water Quality Data

EAA Webinar: Protecting Endangered Species with Continuous Water Quality Data

Conserving aquatic habitats requires hard data to safeguard water quality and quantity. Join Edwards Aquifer Authority’s team of Chad Furl, Alicia Reinmund-Martinez, and Matt Schwartz as they share how continuous water quality data, combined with sample and hydrometric data, generates the actionable information needed to protect threatened and endangered species in Texas.

On Demand Water Data Management Webinars - EBI

EBJ Webinar: Definitive Environmental C&E Trends to 2020

Discover environmental C&E trends that can boost professional success and firm revenues! Industry expert Grant Ferrier, CEO of Environmental Business Journal, shares strategic market information every environmental C&E professional needs to know.

On Demand Water Data Management Webinars - USGS

USGS Webinar: Modernizing Water Time-Series Data Collection & Processing

Hydrology expert Joe Nielsen provides an inside look at how the USGS has updated its continuous water data collection and management practices. Get tips for real-time, paperless data production.

On Demand Water Data Management Webinars - WSC

WSC Webinar: 7 Ways to Quality Control Water Data in Real-Time

Derek Forsbloom shares how Water Survey of Canada systematically corrects continuous water data from 2,500 gauging stations. Learn how to elevate the quality of hydrometric data in real-time.


Webinar: Inside AQUARIUS Time-Series

Join Alastair Foreman, Solutions Architect, for an inside look into AQUARIUS Time-Series! He provides an inside look at how you can efficiently: (1) turn massive volumes of time series data into insight, (2) create accurate, defensible water data in minutes, (3) automate data importing, corrections, and quality controls, and (4) streamline analysis and reporting to optimize decisions.

On Demand Water Data Management Webinars - AQUARIUS WebPortal

AQUARIUS WebPortal Webinar: Exploring the Possibilities

Join Mark Edwards for a demonstration of AQUARIUS WebPortal! Discover how to seamlessly publish data managed in AQUARIUS Time-Series Server. Learn how to impress staff, other departments, cooperating agencies, or citizens with rich statistics, intuitive maps, alerts, data exporting, and live reports!

On Demand Water Data Management Webinars - OWRB

OWRB Webinar: Real-Time Water Data – Cost Efficiency Through Innovation

Learn from Monty Porter how innovation & modern technologies have enabled the OWRB Water Quality Programs Division to meet the challenges of real-time water data acquisition & management.

On Demand Water Data Management Webinars - Woolpert Webinar

Woolpert Webinar: Continuous Monitoring to Mitigate TMDL Trauma

Drastically reduce your TMDL implementation costs! Watch James Riddle from Woolpert, Brandon Smith from YSI, and Chris Heyer from Aquatic Informatics as they discuss how Greenville County is using continuous water quality data to better identify sources of nutrients and significantly reduce TMDL implementation costs that were estimated to potentially exceed over $65 million in construction costs alone.

On Demand Water Data Management Webinars - Pennsylvania DEP

Pennsylvania DEP Webinar: Expert Tips for Continuous Water Quality Monitoring

Information is power. Dustin Shull from the Pennsylvania DEP, Timothy Finegan from YSI / Xylem, and David Gilbey from Aquatic Informatics share strategies for turning continuous data from your stations into water quality insight!

On Demand Water Data Management Webinars - Brisbane City Council

BCC Webinar: AQUARIUS WebPortal – How to Make Data Sharing Easy

Chris Heyer reveals 7 ways you can share water information, anywhere, anytime. Discover how you can keep stakeholders informed with rich statistics, intuitive maps, email alerts, and live reports.

On Demand Water Data Management Webinars - ICWP

ICWP Webinar: Secure More Funding for Water Monitoring

Learn how the Interstate Council on Water Policy (ICWP) secured an additional US$7.2 million in funding for water monitoring over the past two fiscal years. In the webinar, industry experts Ryan Muller and Peter Evans share strategies that can be scaled to any size funding campaign. Stu Hamilton presents proven tactics to quantify and qualify the value of your water monitoring and discusses how to build a winning cost/benefit business case.

On Demand Water Data Management Webinars - Entura

Entura Webinar: SMART Environmental Modelling & Forecasting with Modern Software

Monitoring expert Jayson Peterson from Entura, Hydro Tasmania discusses how the Malaysia SMART Tunnel is using modelling software to better manage urban floods. Get an inside look at the new AQUARIUS Forecast – modern software for advanced time series modelling.

On Demand Water Data Management Webinars - Report

Report Webcast: Industry Survey Report – Current International Trends

Learn which monitoring & real-time communication technologies are the most popular. Find out what international standard is being adopted by 65% of water professionals. Get the latest industry trends.