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Enterprise Asset Management software for proactive operations and maintenance

Sedaru™ empowers office staff, field operators, and dispersed teams across the organization with a unified system to drive operational efficiency and more impactful decision-making with real-time insights, transparency, communication, and connectedness.
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Achieve Holistic Visibility

Integrate Esri GIS, sensors, and other data sources or systems for a complete understanding of the real-time health of your utility.

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Empower Field Work

Optimize work orders by  centralizing dispatching of preventative, corrective, and emergency work into any mobile device to prioritize response with fewer truck rolls.

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Unlock Decision Support

Predict maintenance with leak/break simulations, system capacity analytics, likelihood and consequence of failure weighting, or customized criteria to maximize infrastructure investments.

Trusted by hundreds of innovative cities

Sedaru is easy to use, and allows our staff to be more prepared for operational events. We now ground-verify and populate our asset data sets digitally and in real-time, while working within a connected platform for instance communication to efficiently respond to changes in our system.

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Doug Mathews, Director of Public Works & Water, City of Victorville

Reduce Costs with Unified Visibility

Evolve from paper maps to digital workflows by unlocking data from Esri GIS, SCADA, network sensors, CMMS, CIS/ERP, and 811 ticketing systems for a unified view within Sedaru's intuitive interface.
Establish a Digital Twin

Digitize your operations for a comprehensive understanding of your entire network to optimize work powered by real-time data by centralizing asset details, current health, and work history for immediate visibility and pre-emptive notifications on dashboards for fast and focused response.

Manage Work & Resources

Connect to back-office operations to efficiently dispatch, track, trend, monitor, and report on investigation and work orders across any asset by scheduling and assigning work from Sedaru.

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Data-Driven Asset Insights

Put your data to work with real-time monitoring and trend performance to track operational KPIs or compliance parameters to proactively address problems, better forecast, and optimize dispatching for fast incident resolution.
Faster Emergency Response

Understand leaks, breaks, and other outages faster with end-to-end response management to enable your field team with a complete understanding of the impact and the steps required to remedy it at their fingertips.

Empower Operators

Leverage real-time hydraulic modeling and sensor data to reduce water loss and predict the impact of system changes with real-time alerts for when tank levels are low, pressure is high, pumps lose power, and more.

We put your asset data & control in the palm of your hand.

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And with Aquatic Informatics, itʼs not just software…

There are more benefits you’ll realize by partnering with Aquatic Informatics
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Customer Support and Resources

Connect with a support specialist whenever you need assistance, or Access a growing library of on-demand videos, tutorials, and guides 24/7 in the knowledge base to discover learnings at your convenience.

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Continuous development and innovation

Regular software updates and enhancements to ensure the evolving needs or your organization are being met. Help shape the future of our software by submitting ideas and requests in our online community.

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Dedication to Social Responsibility

Using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, we’re committed to the highest standards of sustainable practices, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

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Case Study

City of Woburn Realizes Big Efficiencies

Automated compliance reporting, and operational asset management with real-time communication resulted in drastically reduced paper usage, and exponential increase in productivity.
reduction in monthly compliance workflow time
reduction in paper usage

Eliminating data silos across the water cycle.

Aquatic Informatics empowers the water industry across all applications, to make data driven, smart decisions, and do more with less.

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