AQUARIUS Certified Integrator certificate of completion.

Aquatic Informatics has announced a new AQUARIUS Certified Integrator program.

Aquatic Informatics has been growing rapidly. We doubled in size last year and we now serve over 400 customers in 37 countries. Our Client Services department is proud to offer the best customer support and service in the industry, and we are committed to customer success. However, we also need to meet the needs of our customers who require additional services, such as integrating AQUARIUS Time-Series Server with their existing systems. To provide our customers with a local option, we are excited to add certified partners to our global offering.

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Stu Hamilton and Bruno Tassone with others.

Stu Hamilton, Vic Neimela, Bruno Tassone, Gord Tofte, and Lynne Campo at Bruno’s Retirement Lunch … this small group has over 178 years of hydrometric program management experience spanning more than half a century.

I recently had the pleasure of joining my colleagues, young and old, to congratulate Bruno Tassone on his retirement after 35 years of service to the Water Survey of Canada. Had Bruno been a structural engineer, we would have been able to point to a legacy of concrete and steel.

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Graphic depicting water data.

Good stream hydrography requires careful attention to technical detail. We care deeply about the precision of our data. So why would we be tolerant in the precision with which we define data? At issue is matching a verb with the noun. According to Wikipedia, “the word data is the traditional plural form of the now-archaic datum”. From Latin roots, data means “something given,” which implies a fundamental...

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"Communicating Water Data Quality" white paper.

The OGC WaterML 2.0 standard is an industry game-changer. Now it is easier for hydrometric data producers to make their data accessible for timely decision making and it is easier for data consumers to find relevant data to drive evidence-based decision making. Almost as important as the sharing of data is the sharing of data quality. Let me explain. There are a great many, perfectly valid, ways...

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