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Water Data Management in Africa

Sustainable Water Data Management in Africa

The African continent is characterized by diverse geographic features, climates, and cultures but a common denominator is that African nations are working hard to improve social stability, economic security, public health, and environmental sustainability. Solutions emerging from various political adventures seem to be evolving toward a mix of governance approaches sourced from the west (based on an ideal of democratic capitalism) and those sourced from the east (based on an ideal of progressive socialism).

Water Nexus or Disjunction? Data will be the Difference

Much has been said about the water-energy-food nexus. The implication of many of these discussions is that we cannot disentangle policies for food and energy from each other because these sectors are inextricably linked by water. The nexus actually has many dimensions: you can add health, safety, economic activity, environmental sustainability, and social justice to…

More Water Resource Extremes? The New Normal Doesn’t Look Like Your Old Average Anymore

The theme of the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) 2015 conference in Winnipeg this year was “More Extremes? Preparing for future challenges to Canada’s water resources.” Fittingly, the North American Stream Hydrographers (NASH) held 3 sessions that were dominated by discussions of how to resolve several of the daunting challenges inherent in measuring water. All…