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Local, municipal, regional, and state agencies manage their water data with Aquatic Informatics to support the transparent, equitable, and sustainable use of our precious water resources.

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State water management agencies are responsible for appropriating each state’s water resources. Accurate, timely water data is critical to administering hundreds of thousands of water rights for agriculture, irrigation, water supply, hydropower, municipal, industrial, recreation, and wildlife propagation. Progressive urban water data management strategies help local communities and economies thrive. State and local agencies prefer Aquatic Informatics for producing timely, accurate water data to enable integrated water management strategies and to streamlining regulatory compliance.

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As our urban water resource data management platform, Aquatic Informatics is enabling the City of Bellingham to efficiently produce water data of the highest standards. With AQUARIUS, water data management activities are completed much more efficiently. I’m not only saving time, but I can also ensure that I provide end users with the highest quality data. I’m better able to meet their needs for timely, accurate information.

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Michelle Evans
Water Quality Specialist
City of Bellingham


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