Hydrometrics & Accounting

AQUARIUS is the world’s leading water accounting platform, used by hundreds of agencies to quality control water data, build better rating curves, derive accurate flows, and model hydrological systems.

Water availability challenges are increasing with the population. Decision makers need consistent, timely, reliable information to solve critical water resource problems. Understanding regional hydrological cycles requires rainfall, groundwater, water quality, and flow characteristics of surface water. Water balance models can help optimize allocation for public water supply, irrigation, hydropower, environmental flows, and industrial sectors.

The integrated, transparent, and equitable use of water starts with information. Today’s authorities rely on AQUARIUS for insight to optimize the social, environmental, and economic benefits derived from limited water resources.

WSC Webinar: 7 Ways to Quality Control Water Data in Real-Time

Derek Forsbloom shares how Water Survey of Canada systematically corrects continuous water data from 2,500 gauging stations. Learn how to elevate the quality of your hydrometric data in real-time.

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AQUARIUS Time-Series is the preferred software for continuous water data management. The world’s most advanced environmental monitoring agencies trust AQUARIUS to achieve higher data integrity, defensibility, and consistency. Its simple design delivers the latest hydrological science and techniques in an intuitive interface. It allows water resource managers to correct and quality control time series data, build better rating curves, and derive and publish hydrological data in real-time to meet stakeholder expectations.

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AQUARIUS Forecast is the most modern software for advanced environmental modelling, simulations, and forecasting. An intuitive interface and simpler workflows make it easy to build more accurate and sophisticated models of complex hydrological systems, such as rainfall run-off and river routing. Armed with real-time and long-term river flow simulations, you can make the right operational decisions quickly. A vital decision support tool, AQUARIUS Forecast can support innovative water management strategies.

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AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA is the most robust data acquisition software used by leading water and environmental monitoring agencies around the world. Modernized data acquisition networks require AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA to ensure real-time, reliable data collection. Leveraging the power of standards‐ based, industrial strength SCADA technology and protocols ensures 100% acquisition system uptime. AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA provides a modern unified solution that greatly improves the management of large national telemetry networks.

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AQUARIUS WebPortal delivers a simple and elegant solution for real-time online access to quality assured environmental data and services. National and federal agencies can impress stakeholders with rich statistics, intuitive maps, email alerts, data exporting, and live reports. Productivity is improved as data is shared among staff, departments, and cooperating agencies. User login permissions and security roles ensure appropriate access-levels. As a public portal, it enables on-demand access to quality controlled data and services.

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US Geological Survey: Over 8,000 Stream Gaging Stations Nationwide

To increase operational efficiencies and optimize data consistency across national offices, the USGS chose AQUARIUS as its primary platform for all time series data storage, processing, review, and dissemination.

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Water Survey of Canada: Over 2,400 Water Monitoring Stations

Water Survey of Canada trusts AQUARIUS Time-Series & AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA for the acquisition and management of data from over 2400 stream gauges, across 28 field offices, for over 200 hydrographers.

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National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research: 3500 Sites

“AQUARIUS will enable integrated management of data collection through the data lifecycle. It will allow NIWA to determine data quality and accuracy in near real-time, while tracking corrections.” - Dr. Jochen Schmidt

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