Flood Management

Graphical information about real-time and predicted reservoir levels, stream-flows, and rainfall enable officials to take decisive actions to safeguard lives and infrastructure against flood dangers.

Extreme weather patterns are altering the frequency and intensity of floods and droughts. Accurate analysis of historical high and low river flows provides insight to better manage future extreme weather conditions. When facing imminent flood dangers, time is of the essence. The ability to automatically acquire and validate data from remote sensors, compute related statistics, determine the current status of flood prone locations, and then issue alerts and situation reports is essential for effective flood management.

Officials trust AQUARIUS to acquire, process, model, and publish water data. Getting the right data, to the right people, at the right time helps protect lives, homes, and urban economies.

Entura Webinar: SMART Environmental Modelling & Forecasting

Learn how the Malaysia SMART Tunnel is using modern modelling software to better manage urban floods with the longest multi-use (stormwater and road structure) tunnel in the world. Get an inside look at the new AQUARIUS Forecast – the most modern software for advanced time series modelling.

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AQUARIUS Time-Series is the leading water management software. Water resource managers can correct and quality control time series data, build better rating curves, and derive and publish hydrological data in real-time to meet information demands. An interactive graphical environment supports the analysis of river flow records for the return frequency of both high and low flows, providing visualizations for the empirical distribution of flood or drought events.

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AQUARIUS Forecast features rich modelling capabilities for flood analysis and forecasting. Post-flood models integrate historical storm, weather, and flow data. Insights into past conditions support better planning for future floods. Models of predicted rainfall and associated stream-flows within river catchments results in precise, timely forecasts. Advanced flood predictions allow officials to take decisive action to better safeguard lives, homes, and urban economies.

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AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA is the most robust data acquisition software used by leading water and environmental monitoring agencies around the world. Managing natural disasters requires real-time data. Modernized data acquisition networks require AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA to ensure real-time, reliable data collection. Leveraging the power of standards‐ based, industrial strength SCADA technology and protocols ensures 100% acquisition system uptime during extreme weather conditions.

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A highly intuitive flood management system, AQUARIUS WebPortal turns complex hydrological and meteorological data into actionable graphical information with rich maps, grids, charts, and graphs. Instant email and SMS messages alert officials of unusual events. Equipped with a real-time and historical view of drastic events, officials can better prepare for and more effectively manage floods, improving the safety of citizens while protecting public infrastructure.

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US Geological Survey: Over 8,000 Stream Gaging Stations Nationwide

The USGS chose AQUARIUS to manage the Nations surface water data. The reliable scientific information it produces is used to manage water resources and to minimize loss of life and property from natural disasters.

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British Columbia Hydro Improves Efficiency & Management of Water Supply Forecasts

“AQUARIUS has allowed us to efficiently update statistical water supply forecasts on a daily basis. Since BC Hydro is largely a hydropower producer, our water supply forecasts are basically our revenue forecasts." - Stephanie Smith

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Brisbane City Council Trusts AQUARIUS WebPortal for Early Flood Management

AQUARIUS WebPortal provides a real-time view of water levels, rainfall, and other environmental conditions. Intuitive maps, rich statistics, email alerts, and live reports help officials better anticipate and manage flood events.

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