eBooks & Whitepapers

Whitepaper: The Use of Spreadsheets in the Era of Big Water Data

In today’s world, data comes from a variety of sources and can easily live in a variety of places. Explore the differences between using spreadsheets and an industry-specific software solution to manage and derive value from your water data. Read Whitepaper ⟶ 

eBook: When It Floods, Are You Prepared?

Discover how taking charge of your data can help your organization mitigate public risk. You’ll also learn about the tools that will enable your organization to increase information availability, allow for instant stakeholder alerting, and improve data quality overall. Read eBook ⟶ 


Whitepaper: 10 Advantages to Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems have been designed to meet the unique requirements of water professionals. This document explores 10 of the advantages to choosing a COTS platform. Read the Whitepaper ⟶

Executive Guide: 5 Reasons to Modernize Water Data Management

Water monitoring is an essential public service. While funding is limited, the stakes are high and measured in the billions of dollars. Learn how your agency can benefit from proven data-to-information-to-knowledge management best practices. Read the Guide ⟶

eBook: Improving Freshwater Availability, Security & Sustainability

Poorly documented, poorly communicated water data are a source of frustration for many organizations that result in harmful delays or unfavorable outcomes. It’s time for change! Read eBook ⟶

Water Data Management eBooks & Whitepapers - Extreme Drought

Whitepaper: Monitoring Water in Extreme Droughts

July 2015 was the hottest month in recorded history according to NOAA! Extreme droughts around the world are creating an opportunity for hydrologists to record a historic event. Stu Hamilton’s latest whitepaper presents 7 best practices for monitoring water during droughts. Read eBook ⟶

Water Data Management eBooks & Whitepapers - Water Value

eBook: The Value of Water Monitoring

The gap between water monitoring capability and the rapidly evolving need for evidence-based policies, planning, and engineering design is growing. Learn how to form persuasive arguments that are sensitive to local politics and priorities to address this global deficit in funding. Read eBook ⟶

Water Data Management eBooks & Whitepapers - Data Quality

eBook: Communicating Hydrometric Data Quality – What, How, & Why

This eBook examines the current standards for characterizing and communicating data quality. Discover how qualifying your data can build confidence and trust. Read eBook ⟶

Water Data Management eBooks & Whitepapers - Rating Curves

Whitepaper: 5 Best Practices for Building Better Stage-Discharge Rating Curves

A reliable rating curve is one that is credible, defensible, and minimizes re-work. This paper outlines 5 modern best practices used by highly effective hydrographers. Read Whitepaper ⟶

Water Data Management eBooks & Whitepapers - Data Management

Whitepaper: Best Water Data Possible! 5 Key Requirements for Modern Systems

The best possible data quality, timeliness, and affordability can only be realized with a modern hydrological data management system that meets 5 key requirements. Benchmark your system. Read Whitepaper ⟶

Water Data Management eBooks & Whitepapers - The 5 Essential Elements of a Hydrological Monitoring Program

Whitepaper: The 5 Essential Elements of a Hydrological Monitoring Program

Best practices, standards, and technologies for hydrometric monitoring have changed. Learn how modern approaches improve the availability, reliability, and accuracy of water information. Read Whitepaper ⟶

Water Data Management eBooks & Whitepapers - Industry Report

Survey Report: Global Hydrological Monitoring Industry Trends

700+ water professionals participated in this global hydrological monitoring study. How can you keep pace with the industry revolution? Get this report for the latest trends, standards, and practices. Read Report ⟶