Expert Tips for Continuous Water Quality Monitoring

Information is power to better manage water resources. Adding time series data to your monitoring program empowers you with high resolution environmental data. Watch Dustin Shull, Pennsylvania DEP, as he shares results and lessons learned from their Continuous Instream Monitoring (CIM) program. Let Timothy Finegan, YSI/Xylem, show you how to reliably collect continuous data for the most common water quality parameters using EXO instrumentation. David Gilbey, from Aquatic Informatic, will demonstrate how to leverage AQUARIUS Time-Series to process and analyze your water data.

1-Hour Webinar Highlights:

  • 3 steps to continuous water quality monitoring
  • Tricks for data collection, QC & calibration
  • Site selection for high quality water data
  • Correcting, analyzing, visualizing & reporting
  • Dams, acid, sediment, seasonality & ammonia
  • 6 tips for success

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Dustin Shull Photo, Pennsylvania.

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