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Save Maintenance Costs & Improve Treatment Plant Operations

Save Maintenance Costs & Improve Treatment Plant Operations


Water and wastewater utilities are faced with ensuring mission-critical performance for treatment plant vertical assets, while keeping costs down and operations efficient. To effectively manage assets, you need a clear and complete understanding of functional hierarchies and relationships of each asset to create, dispatch, and manage work with context and awareness.

Discover how you can simplify the complexities and challenges of managing vertical assets in a water utility and how to improve your utility operations, maintenance, and compliance practices by unlocking the automated utility of the future.

Join us and learn how to improve overall asset management and maintenance in less time—with fewer resources. By enabling a complete view of your system and unlocking automation, you can determine how to respond and what is required—faster. Our expert, Kevin Koshko, Director of Product Development, at Sedaru, will share how a purpose-built asset management solution will streamline workflows and maximize budgets.

You’ll learn how:

  1. Defining digital asset relationships and hierarchies increases plant efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Tracking maintenance and management across multiple assets is simplified within an online experience for faster decision-making.
  3. Assigning and managing work in a Treatment Plant prevents administrative headaches and provides system statistics for better reporting.
  4. Integrating Field Data Collection and Office Oversight to achieve a complete system view decreases OpEx.

Sedaru’s domain expertise drives the success of water and wastewater utilities across the country and enables significant improvement in utility operations, maintenance, and compliance. Don’t miss your chance to improve your water utility today, while providing a clear path to becoming an automated utility of the future.

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Your Speakers:

Kevin Koshko
Kevin Koshko
Director, Product Development


Dylan Mcphetres
Dylan McPhetres
Product Marketing Manager