Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission Uses WaterTrax Reporting to Improve Pretreatment Program Efficiencies

The ACRWC produces Customized Reports Using the WaterTrax Water Quality Report Template

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The Benefits

Simplify reporting & improve formatting

Streamlined Benchmark reporting

Save time with Water Quality Report template and during analysis

Easily access required information

“The Water Quality Report allows for simpler report generation, saves time during analysis with the required information being more readily available.”
– Wade Teveniuk, Regulatory Services Manager, ACRWC

About Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission

The Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC) collects and treats wastewater from 13 municipalities surrounding the City of Edmonton, Alberta. The ACRWC has established a Source Control Monitoring and Educational Program to control wastewater discharges into their sewer system from over 3,500 industries, trucked liquid waste haulers, commercial businesses and institutions.

The Challenge

The ACRWC had been using WaterTrax since 2009 and has found WaterTrax to be an invaluable tool to manage all of their data from such a broad variety of sources, saving hours in data consolidation, compliance verification and reporting. They wanted to easily portray this very complex data to their member municipalities and industries and were looking for a report that could quickly summarize the data for each of their individual monitoring locations and for all locations within a member municipality.

The Solution: WaterTrax

Wade Teveniuk, Regulatory Services Manager with ACRWC turned to WaterTrax to help him create a report that would enable data usersto view a large amount of data in a simple format. The WaterTrax product development team designed, what is now known as the Water Quality Report, a new report format that allows users to extract large volumes of monitoring results from WaterTrax into a quick and easily presentable format.

The tool has been designed to display information in a compressed table format, making it intuitive to users and easy to manipulate for further analysis. The Water Quality Report provides a quick side-by-side comparison of results from multiple parameters for a given sample location that allows users to create pivot tables and manipulate data for further analysis. “This report is so simple to use and has simplified our reporting process,” describes Wade Teveniuk. “It was so easy to set up,” explains Wade, “WaterTrax Client Support set up a web-based training session with our core users to help us configure the report to meet our specific needs and we have been using it ever since.”

The key features of this report include easy data consolidation, manipulation, comparisons and filters. Users can quickly group and sort columns and rows to best suit their needs. This report format displays data so that you can quickly analyze and manipulate data, including larger data sets, using less space and pages. The data is generated in an Excel spreadsheet, allowing users to consolidate reporting data into a single format and view more data for simpler reporting.

“The Water Quality Report is so simple to use and has simplified our reporting process.”


With the Water Quality Report, ACRWC Source Control team are able to generate reports quickly with only the information that they require. The municipalities who receive the report from the ACRWC find the reports much easier to understand. Wade’s team generates over 100 regularly scheduled reports per year, plus additional ad hoc reports using the Water Quality Report template. “The Water Quality Report has also helped us with our Benchmarking reporting – making this process very easy because the information needed is right in front of you,” explains Wade, “the tool allows for simpler report generation, saves time during analysis with the required information being more readily available.”


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