AQUARIUS Time-Series

Defensible Corrections & Audit Log

AQUARIUS Time-Series maintains a permanent record of all original data. The audit log automatically tracks corrections, processing, notes, and remarks for time series. Keep data secure by locking workflow controls and approvals. Use data grades, qualifiers, and notes to track and manage data quality.

Defend & Retrace Data with the Automatic Audit Log

AQUARIUS Time-Series safeguards all of your original data. A user can never edit the raw data. The powerful AQUARIUS Data Correction toolbox records all changes in a reversible change stack. All edits, corrections, grades, approvals, metadata, and notes are non-destructive and fully logged in the session-independent undo/redo audit track.  The completeness of the audit log allows you to re-construct a time series “as of” any time in the past. This feature makes it easy for you to defend your decisions, since data can be rolled back in time to show exactly what corrections were applied at any point in history.

Track Data Quality with Grades, Qualifiers & Flags

AQUARIUS Time-Series also allows you to assign data grades such as “Good” or “Poor.” Grades can be imported with the data (if sensors and acquisition systems assign quality grades to data) or can be assigned manually. Grades propagate automatically through calculations and derivations, affecting the outcome of aggregations. Grades are available for reporting and displayed as small markers next to each value. The list of grades can be fully customized. Flags are used to highlight objective events or data qualifiers, such as “rate of change exceeded” or “threshold exceeded.”

Set Workflow Controls & Approvals

Approval levels track the status of your data during processing, from raw to corrected to publish-ready. You can customize approval levels for your organization, and use them on time series data, ratings, and field visits. AQUARIUS Time-Series protects your approved data with data snapshots to ensure they will not change. Once approved you can rest easy knowing your published data are safe and secure.