Real-time, Reliable Collection of Water Data.

AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA is the most robust data acquisition software used by leading water and environmental monitoring agencies worldwide. Modernized data acquisition networks require AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA to ensure real-time, reliable data collection.


Water Survey of Canada relies on AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA as its automated data acquisition system to automatically collect data from over 2500 continuous water monitoring stations across Canada. The national environmental monitoring agency then leverages AQUARIUS Time-Series to systematically produce water information of the highest quality in real-time.
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Robust, Reliable, Real-Time Environmental Data Acquisition

AQUARIUS EnvrioSCADA leverages the power of standards‐based, industrial strength SCADA technology and protocols – ensuring 100% acquisition system uptime. It provides an extension framework ClearSCADA, one of the most widely used Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) platforms in the world. Customized for the environmental monitoring sector, AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA provides a modern unified solution that greatly improves the management of telemetry networks.

Any Device & Any Communication Link

AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA provides one data acquisition system for all your loggers and devices, including Campbell, Sutron, Design Analysis, Vaisala, Handar, and Vedas. It supports a variety of communications links like radio, landline, fiber optic, microwave, TCP/IP, and satellite systems such as GOES. Frequent updates ensure support for emerging technologies.

Easy Scheduling & Configuration

Telemetry operations are automated with various schedule types. Activation times (displayed as red dots) are added by clicking on a timeline. Schedule templates can be applied to collections of data loggers, eliminating tedious configuration tasks.

Automatic Checks & Alarms

Automatic alarms help eliminate station down time and missing data. Checks are performed as data is acquired from stations to detect anomalies and errors. Configurable alarms are triggered to warn users by SMS or email of sub-standard modem performance, unusual events, and other conditions. Alerts can be sent to any recipient list. Rosters can account for when individuals are “on-duty.” Alarms may be escalated or redirected if unacknowledged.

Your Network at a Glance with Telemetry Maps

AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA provides advanced data visualization and an intuitive user interface. High quality maps are overlaid with station locations, including real‐time conditions. Coloured indicators on station locations warn of any alarm conditions.

Site, Graph, & Station Status Views

From the map view, users can zoom in and click on any site. The station status screen displays real-time statistics and dynamic graphs for each sensor. Easy graph manipulations (like zoom, pan, and scroll) help quickly investigate alarm conditions and diagnose potential connection breakdowns.

Standards-Based Data Acquisition

ClearSCADA is the most powerful, secure, and flexible platform used for environmental monitoring and critical industrial applications like petrochemical production, wind energy, and utilities monitoring. This industrial strength SCADA solution is built on a solid foundation of modern open architecture and published standards , ensuring verifiable data, 100% system uptime, and a future-proof investment.

Failover Mechanism, Replication & Seamless Integration

Failover pairing with other AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA servers in remote geographic locations provides redundancy, guaranteeing the undisrupted acquisition of real-time remote environmental data. AQUARIUS EnviroSCADA instantaneously forwards data received from any source to the AQUARIUS Time-Series.