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Hello From AQUARIUS Insider – User Group Training Day 2!

Hello from AQUARIUS Insider Day 2!

We have a full room of AQUARIUS Insiders and more than a few hundred people watching online.  I hope that you found some useful tips and trick from my presentation this morning on using AQUARIUS for “Water Quality Management and TMDL Compliance”.  I have a bag full of Water Quality ideas for future webinars, so stay tuned.  The more I watch the other presentations…the more ideas I get!

While I type this, I’m watching one of our Support Specialists Alex Graf give his presentation on “Developing Custom Report Templates in AQUARIUS” and learning a lot!  I have some ideas for WQ Reports that I’m hoping to get in one of the upcoming releases.  Custom Reporting is one of those hot topics that many of our customers are interested in.

There is a wealth of great topics left today.

They include Multi-Location Derivation Applications (which is new to AQUARIUS version 3.3) which is up next, Customizing Location Types, Attributes, & Hierarchies, Using Whiteboard for Off-Line Access to AQUARIUS Data (what a great field tool!) and Protecting & Restricting Access to AQUARIUS Data (some great information for you and your database administrator to keep your data secure).   And don’t forget that AQUARIUS Insider 2013 is being recorded, so you can watch the sessions again at your leisure.

See you on the water!
Dave Gilbey

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