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2016 World Water Day – Honouring Water Heroes

The theme for this year’s World Water Day is “Water & Jobs.” Let’s celebrate all the dedicated work water professionals do all year to protect water, the environment, and human health!

Today, celebrities including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, and Pharrell Williams have united to spread the message for safe water via social media. Gaining public awareness and support the world’s complex water problems are key to make sure that adequate funding is allocated to ensure a future with adequate supply of safe water. Thank you for spreading the message.

For me, the heroes we need to celebrate today are all the water professionals and scientists around the world who are working hard to monitor water, to uncover new environmental intelligence, and to build innovate solutions to the world’s critical water resource challenges. Growing demand and climate change are rapidly outpacing safe water supply – current water practices are simply unsustainable. Innovation starts with information.

At Aquatic Informatics, we build solutions that turn big water data into insight that can be act upon. Our customers are working smarter with AQUARIUS, enabling greater environmental data aggregation and timely dissemination, making the world’s water data much more accessible for faster analysis and better decisions. Today, I want to acknowledge the outstanding work our customers do everyday to monitor the world’s most precious resource: water!

It is my privilege to announce the winners for the 2016 AQUARIUS Impact Awards!

This year we had dozens of wonderful submissions from the global AQUARIUS community, now covering more than 500 organizations in 50 countries. We made all submissions available to the entire Aquatic Informatics team to vote for their favorite international and North American submissions.

The winners are global leaders in using modern solutions to solve the most complex water challenges. Their success stories epitomize the outstanding work all water professionals are doing daily to ensure a secure water future.

Congratulations to our international winner – Chris Smith from Murrumbidgee Irrigation in Australia! For North America, we had a tie this year. I would like to congratulate Randy Bowersox from the Northern California Power Agency and Steve Rice from the US National Park Service!

Please join me in celebrating their success stories …

2016 AQUARIUS Impact Award – International Winner

For the first time in the company’s 100+ year history, AQUARIUS has provided Murrumbidgee Irrigation with a solid warehouse and analytical tool for our hydrological data. It provides a source of truth and level of confidence that we have needed to move forward as a leader in our industry.

The ability to monitor the performance of our assets means we can now make better planning decisions and reduce our long term costs of asset management.

In terms of water delivery, having the ability to feed our auto-corrected data into other operational software platforms, gives us greater insight into our overall system efficiency. This ultimately leads to reduced water losses and an improved level of service for our customers.

For our water quality team, being able to easily scroll through and analyse a full time-series of a single data set has provided a greater understanding of system trends, which will lead to better management of our system.

Whilst AQUARIUS is still relatively new to Murrumbidgee Irrigation, it’s exciting to know that we now have a system we are confident in and our data management will be of a high standard going into the future. With greater confidence in our data, we build greater confidence in our business decisions.”

– Chris Smith, Water Resource Analyst, Murrumbidgee Irrigation

2016 AQUARIUS Impact Award – North America Winners

All eyes go to the sky as the storm clouds roll across the horizon. Eager anticipation. Finally the precipitation has come. Rain drops and snowflakes start falling. Each one precious. Too many to count. Drip, drip, drip as the snow slowly melts and begins its journey down the mountain. How much? Where? When? Too many variables to track. From drips to rivulets to streams to rivers. Flowing over rocks, through weirs, past gaging stations, and into reservoirs. Every second of every day the water keeps moving. Never static, always changing. Swimming fish, hydroelectric power, thirsty farmers, drinking fountains, all craving the precious jewels of moisture. Who gets what? How much is there? When will it arrive? Need a system. Need a method. USGS protocols to follow. Computing horsepower. Visualization. Real-time data. Calculations. Push button simplicity. Data export and sharing. Sounds like Aquatic Informatics’ AQUARIUS. Problem solved. Data managed. Data uploaded automatically every few seconds from dozens of gaging sites. Corrections applied. Shifts analyzed. Daily average values calculated. Midnight contents tabulated. Reports produced. Multiple users able to access and share the same data concurrently. Hydrographs printed showing exactly what happened. Water rights tracked. Operations optimized. Water put to maximum beneficial use. Just another day in the AQUARIUS water universe.”

– Randy Bowersox, Manager, Hydroelectric Operations, Northern California Power Agency

The age of Big Data is upon us, and hydrologic data are no exception. Technologies that allow for the collection of water flow, water quality, and water level information produce vast amounts of time series that are incredibly valuable for characterizing and monitoring surface water and groundwater resources, but only if it is handled properly. The Water Resources Division of the National Park Service participates in the management and monitoring of surface water and groundwater and marine resources throughout the National Park System, encompassing a wide array of environments and conditions.

The AQUARIUS interface allows for these data to be not only housed in a centralized, streamlined, and consistent environment, but also makes data manipulation, visualization, correction, and interpretation more efficient. Appending new data to existing data sets, eliminating noisy or erroneous data points, determining trends, and other actions are all done in the same interface; data backup is more reliable, and sharing is much simpler.

 – Steve Rice, Hydrogeologist, Water Resources Division, National Park Service

All of our customers work hard to monitoring water resources. You can read more of their success stories here! Over the coming weeks, I will also be sharing other AQUARIUS Impact Award applications from customers who are equally worthy of praise. Thank you for all the work you do to ensure the right information is available to support sustainable water management practices!

  • Islam Ul-Haque
    Posted at 2:42 am, March 22, 2016

    The encouraging initiatives by AQUARIUS which will motivate water sector professional for more brain storming to come-up with innovative and cost-effective technologies in managing scarce water resources. Endeavours be made to focus on the threatened regions which are facing acute water scarcity and water contamination. More work is required to be done in the management of waste water and their after its reuse to overcome water scarcity , specially in developing countries, like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh etc. Otherwise also , if you watnt provide safe drinking water to your consumers, then manage your waste water first .

  • Josep Selles
    Posted at 1:21 am, March 23, 2016

    Congratulations Chris, Leonie, Lindsay, Grant and the rest of the team in Murrumbidgee Irrigation for your outstanding work with your Aquarius system over the past years. I am glad to see how Murrumbidgee Irigation is changing the traditional way irrigation districts operate, investing in and deriving value from their data, which before was locked into propietary systems, spreadsheets, webs, FTP servers, etc. Certainly, all the data-driven transformation you are currently leading and how you manage your information will differentiate your company from the rest and will determine your future in a very competitive irrigated agriculture industry.

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