Webinar USGS – Modernizing Water Time-Series Data Collection & Processing

Webinar Helps Thousands Learn USGS Best Practices for Modernizing Water Time-Series Data Collection & Processing

Over 2,600 water professionals registered for this week’s USGS Webinar: Modernizing Water Time-Series Data Collection & Processing featuring expert hydrologist Joseph Nielsen. The event, likely the largest in the industry, sold out.

All members of the industry are now invited to watch the recording!

We believe that sound environmental decisions are a critical legacy for future generations and the ongoing health of our planet. This belief drives our company to build great software solutions that simplify data management, analysis, and information sharing. This belief also drives us to connect the wider water professional community with industry experts and thought leaders. As part of this, Aquatic Informatics now hosts a webinar series where industry experts are invited as guest speakers to share their experiences, strategies, and evolving water monitoring best practices.

Our first webinar featured guest speaker Derek Forsbloom, Hydrometric Manager at the Water Survey of Canada (WSC).  In the webinar “7 Ways to Quality Control Water Data in Real-Time,” Derek shared how producing timely and high quality information from large volumes of continuous hydrometric data can be automated. He showed how a modern data management system like AQUARIUS can be used to set-up real-time station health alerts for WSC’s 2,500 monitoring stations. He discussed how notifications and auto-corrections can work together and provided tips on how to avoid warnings for invalid hydrological events. His recorded presentation is very practical for users of modern data management systems who want to get the most out of their software and who need to deliver real-time, quality water information to stakeholders. I would like to personally thank Derek for his tremendously informative presentation.

I would also like to personally thank renowned speaker Joseph Nielsen from the U.S. Geological Survey who joined us this week to give his presentation: “Modernizing Water Time-Series Data Collection & Processing.” For over a decade, Joe has been the National Water Information System (NWIS) Liaison with the USGS. He is responsible for the storage, processing, and publishing of water time series data collected from nearly 15,000 monitoring stations nationally. With over 25 years of experience, Joe has deep industry knowledge. He has been influential in a major industry shift – from the annual paper publication of hydrometric reports to the real-time web publishing of quality controlled hydrometric data.

In his presentation, Joe provided an inside look at how the USGS has modernized water time series data collection and processing, sharing practical strategies for improving timeliness, efficiency, and quality both in the field and in the office. He discussed current trends, and the need to go real-time while maintaining water data quality. Joe shared how the department is working to become paperless and shared future directions for time-series data management.

Both of these webinars were recorded and are now available on demand so that our customers and all members of the community, regardless of time zones, call now benefit from the wisdom of these industry leaders. Please also stay tuned for more webinars to come this year …


USGS Webinar: Modernizing Water Time-Series Data Collection & Processing

Hydrology expert Joe Nielsen provides an inside look at how the USGS has updated its continuous water data collection and management practices. Get tips for real-time, paperless data production.



WSC Webinar: 7 Ways to Quality Control Water Data in Real-Time

Derek Forsbloom shares how Water Survey of Canada systematically corrects continuous water data from 2,500 gauging stations. Learn how to elevate the quality of hydrometric data in real-time.


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